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Shabad by Bhagat Naam Dev Ji in Raag Gond on Pannaa 874
Bilaaval Gond:
Today, Naam Dayv saw the Lord, and so I will instruct the ignorant. ||Pause||
O Pandit, O religious scholar, your Gayatri was grazing in the fields.
Taking a stick, the farmer broke its leg, and now it walks with a limp. ||1||
O Pandit, I saw your great god Shiva, riding along on a white bull.
In the merchant's house, a banquet was prepared for him - he killed the merchant's son. ||2||
O Pandit, I saw your Raam Chand coming too;
he lost his wife, fighting a war against Raawan. ||3||
The Hindu is sightless; the Muslim has only one eye.
The Spiritual Teacher is wiser than both of them.
The Hindu worships at the temple, the Muslim at the mosque.
Naam Dayv serves that Lord, who is not limited to either the temple or the mosque. ||4||3||7||

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Meditate-It's  Good Hygiene-SatSantokh

“Discipline is experiential and may well be a Grace. It leads to intuition and awareness. The position of intuition that is brought about by self- discipline leads to a stable space of silence and compassion. Using intuitive awareness in a state of compassion is how the highest teachers of the times heal and are real. It is a state of awareness that is imprinted upon the soul, not the ego. It is freedom. You do not react. In compassion, you understand the times.” - SatSantokh Kaur


SatSantokh K Khalsa

Explore the modalities of Meditation, Sat Nam Rasayan, Kundalini Yoga with SatSantokh. Increase your Awareness. Live in your Natural State.

There is no "other" MERGE.....

In these times it is important to know that you don't have to suffer anymore. Through simple techniques we find our Silence, become stable and heal...and heal others through our presence. SatSantokh

Meditate. . .