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A first-rate Teacher is a teacher who is very hard, very intolerant of the mistakes of the students, and he gives a crushing blow on every step.  This is first rate. A second is one who just reminds a person of his mistakes, and a third rate teacher is one who pleases him.  The harder the teacher is, the better one can learn; the softer the teacher is, the less one can learn....because all the time you are in a fight between the ego and the soul, the conscious and unconscious mind.

The job of the Teacher is to give you the most impossible work. And the job of the student is to do it.
  And, mind you, it may be a total loss. But you are going to develop the power to make the impossible become possible. And when a person under pressure can develop a consciousness that he can make the impossible to become possible, he is perfect! Give a student an impossible job. If he does it, then give him two more. If he does it, give him six! Eight! TEN!” - Yogi Bhajan:WTCL 1983

More from Yogi Bhajan on Teacher

The Traditions of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an open system, as is the Tradition of Sat Nam Rasayan passed to and taught by Guru Dev Singh...in saying this I am stating you can be of any path, and study and use them.

With the path of Kundalini Yoga you follow the yamas and niyamas as stated by Yogi Bhajan, in regards to each teaching/kriya (i.e. you don’t change it to fit your whim. Or use a Buddhist or Sufi technique to look down nose and pull kundalini--you already have it)

Kundalini Yoga is a path, that you Self initiate, and you have many tools available and you sit and meditate (or move and clean out and then sit and meditate or you jap and be a Japji-jista geeksta etc.)

If you happen to have entered this path while Yogiji was alive, you may miss him, you may forget him...but you realize that the Teachings can/do carry you. There is no need to jump to another path, or realize it is your choice to keep looking, when he passed you did not loose your Spiritual Identity (perhaps your disciplinarian, now this comes from You)...having said that, everything one needs is in this path to reach Awareness and recognize and stabilize Shuniya.

In the path of Sat Nam Rasayan, you cannot take the trip without Shuniya. In other words, the first thing you must establish is SHUNIYA and then work through the Para Projective Meditative Mind. * Having said this, how you reach SHUNIYA as a stable space is a necessity, and once you recognize the space and don't react you are Free.
Two big petals that Sat Nam Rasayan practitioners open are Wisdom and Freedom.

Now understand that the path of Kundalini Yoga is sealed.** In other words, Yogi Bhajan taught all he could/had/would before he passed, it was not passed to another...it is/was a complete system delivered through him by experience with his Teacher, teachers, life experience, students, flow and Guru. He himself announced, "It is finished."

Also understand he was one of the most VAST Teachers of our time. So there is no need to channel Yogi Bhajan, anyone else or use other traditions and produce more teachings. As 3HO understands this, 3HO remains pure and in agreement with Yogi Bhajan and the Teachings.

The path of Sat Nam Rasayan, is open*** until Sant Guru Dev Singh seals it, either by declaring or by passing it onto one or 100 or whomever he determines to continue it until it is complete. How does Sat Nam Rasayan work, because the holder of the tradition (Guru Dev Singh), sits, holds the Bindu, and says so. When practicing you place your Spiritual Identity in a stable space, then do nothing. You allow existence to happen. The complications? The main complication is SHUNIYA. This state must be established to "take the trip"; and Nothingness is your identity (an in-differentiated state). Once established in Shuniya you do nothing, but unblock the resistance in your subject and they/it Self Heal.

*(Basic understanding of the Para Projective Meditative Mind, as stated by Yogi Bhajan is based in understanding/experiencing three things: 1.The illusory mind is a fantasy-what we see here on a gross level or our social agreement. 2. Our senses work in the illusory realm (by social agreement-determined by semantics) then you cannot feel anything outside of your sensitivity. 3.Third recognizing the other space is EMPTY and that space allows you to work in Reality.)

**(An example of  Sealed System is the 10 Sikh Gurus. The Light of Nanak was passed through each of the 10 Gurus and then Sealed into the Siri Guru Granth (the Sound Current of the 36 composers of the Siri Guru Granth-the Book/Sound Current is Guru...also a Complete Panth, as Union can happen to both the listener and reciter and by Listening,Receiving, Knowing you Agree, Obey, Trust. Shabd Guru is a sublime path and may be experienced by all.

***(of the holdings of Yogi Bhajan, Sat Nam Rasayan is the only open path,(of which this writer is aware) and is held by Sant Guru Dev Singh)

The title of Siri Singh Sahib, was not transferred, as no one was able to hold the position. The title was a religious position/honor.

Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere is in the Khalsa Panth, and for those who follow this Dharmic Panth is a clear Sikhi path of the Guru, with Rehit and Amrit. Sikh is a student a seeker, and for many of Yogi Bhajan’ students is/was their path, and again Saibhung/Self Initiation-Illumined. Jap-o/Repeat--the command. Just do it, and by the way, the Siri Guru Granth is open to ALL.

The title of Mahan Tantric is a separate Spiritual Identity, which Yogi Bhajan had the vastness to carry, and the practice of the White (Healing) Tantric Yoga continues regardless of many mistakes and may be practiced  by anyone, and again there is no initiation.

Kundalini Levels:…in Level One you receive all. If you choose to do more levels is nice to find focus areas of the level 2 and 3. Does not imply degrees of awareness, rather are areas of focus, can give a structure for exploring. They also work in layman certification of RYT Level 1, 2, 3

Sat Nam Rasayan levels are not a metaphysical, rather think first, second grade….Now is the time to apply SNR as a way of existence, instead of going in and out of a position of compassion. Maintain the state of compassion to serve others/extend yourself. Live in your experience vs fantasy. Be 100% Real

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There is no "other", enjoy the Silence and MERGE
—SatSantokh Kaur

What is necessary is to Jap-Repeat. Listen to Neem Karoli Baba Super Jap. Shri Ram

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.... passers-by, students, clients from a position of belief, to a state of EXPERIENCE; from insensitive to one of Perception and Receptivity. The tools taught by my Teacher and Teachers give all the opportunity to arrive to the conclusions on their own. Through their own Experience. Through ones presence alone. We will have fun!--SatSantokh


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I am grateful to have a Saturn Teacher and to be one.

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