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Sat Nam Rasayan Teaches You: "Meditation brings two things.It brings wisdom; it brings freedom.
These two flowers grow out of meditation. When you become silent, utterly silent, beyond the mind, two flowers bloom in you.
One is of wisdom: you know what is and what is not.
And the other is of freedom: you know now there are no longer any limitations on you, either of time or of space. You become liberated." GuruDev Singh

Any way is a WAY.-Sant GuruDev Singh

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 316

Pauree, Fifth Mehla:
O Nanak, the Saints and the silent sages think, and the four Vedas proclaim,
that whatever the Lord's devotees speak comes to pass.
He is revealed in His cosmic workshop; all people hear of it.
The foolish people, who fight with the Saints, find no peace.
The Saints seek to bless them with virtue, but they are burning with egotism.
What can those wretched ones do? Their evil destiny was pre-ordained.
Those who are struck down by the Supreme Lord God do not belong to anyone.
Those who hate the One who has no hatred, are destroyed by righteous justice.
Those who are cursed by the Saints wander around lost.
When the tree is cut off at its roots, the branches wither and die. ||31|

…if you are in a Natural State you don’t react
—Guru Dev Singh

For adding courses and classes in Sat Nam Rasayan®  to your curriculum contact satsantokhjap@gmail.com

Click for information: SNR Basics and SNR article Hargopal 2003...."these are maps to assist student to recognize stability in the Space, once understood they are dropped (although a healing can be produced in many ways on the journey to recognize the space of SNR, dont compete, be as the Stars...) Relax, Realize. It's so simple you can miss it." -SatSantokh
For more information on Sat Nam Rasayan® go to http://www.satnamrasayan.it/?lang=en

Studying Sat Nam Rasayan:

The meditative practice of Sat Nam Rasayan® is great for integrating Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, Egoscue Method, Massage, Shiatsu, Feldenkrais, Yamuna®Body Rolling, The Melt Method, Bert Hellingers’ Family Constellation,  and any and all Meditative and Yogic practices.
Individual courses and Level 1 and 2 series are available to arrange in your area: satsantokhjap@gmail.com

Regarding Course/Series and Level 2: "In these courses we will meditate to establish our Silence, once stable we will use para-projective meditative mind to heal. In each class we will focus on one of the areas of proficiency for those who wish to pursue Sat Nam Rasayan® as a healer, or simply to learn to enjoy more freedom in your healing and Spiritual practice."-SatSantokh

If you have no Silence, you cant take the Trip... become stable and live in a Natural State. When you are in a Natural State, you don't react...you are living in/as Compassion...Touch not and Heal....as Yogi Bhajan has said.
SNR® is an open system, there is no initiation. The levels are not meta-physical, but as in grade school. It does require one to be subtle and receptive (you cannot conquer...macho doesn't work)...which requires Discipline. (Sadhana)....Dissolve the resistances and tendencies....the client self heals. The Sacred Space of Sat Nam Rasayan is completely neutral, our first intention is always to heal.
Come and Experience and Enjoy--SatSantokh

Sat Nam Rasayan® is a Way in and of itself and has no dogma. It is another Path within the Golden Chain, handed down (in Silence) by a Master of Masters, Yogi Bhajan to a most obedient student, Sant (Person of Awareness) Guru Dev Singh, the living Master of Sat Nam Rasayan®.

The Healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan® (brochure), as taught by Sant Guru Dev Singh, is a precise contemplative technology of Healing. It works on a subtle level through the projective meditative mind using only awareness to heal.  Guru Dev Singh founded the School of Sat Nam Rasayan®, at the request of his Teacher Yogi Bhajan producing some of the finest healers in the world.