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Individual day  Session:

Oct 31, Nov 1, Nov 2 $175/individual
Halloween, All Saints, All Souls

View classes and study with the Master https://www.libraryofteachings.com/

Chinese New Year



MBL Treatment 1100.00

What's good is good, what's bad is good be as good as God is. -Yogi Bhajan, Definition of a Yogi

Monthly weekly  (4) Remote session $570/month

SNR Treatment 350.00

Summer Solstice & Ladies Camp Rate  $220

Why love turn into a hatred? Why devotion turn itself to anger? ......When your unconscious gets overloaded and it start leaking into your conscience, you are not the same person who started.

You are different. Your life is different.

Link library of teachings:

NM037 911010 Clean Unconscious Santa Fe, NM

The Healing Art of Sat Nam Rasayan® Guru Dev Singh, with PhD with Ambrosio Espinosa, MD--great book with some history and exercises to get you on your way. Silence is the starting point, without that you dont take the trip

Goga-Yoga to Go available with business course series.

ThreeMinStart  available on Amazon-there are tons of 3min meditations, this manual has quite a few easily accessible.

Boundlotus Manual available on Amazon--a manual with warm ups etc to get you on your way, you may never reach the posture, but you can reach the Silence...and may get a doorway into Sat Nam Rasayan...The Space of SNR is Neutral-we always use it to Heal.

*A BoundLotus® Healing/Treatment Session includes 1 40 days after Healing Sat Nam Rasayan remote treatment with SatSantokh Kaur and is typically a once in a lifetime treatment that removes patterning, supports the nervous system and ALIGN your DESTINY.

SatSantokh is one of a few certified  BoundLotus® Healers and Instructors worldwide*.  The Art of these Healing Appointments was taught to SatSantokh by Guru Dev Singh, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan® and MahanKirn Kaur
Yogi Bhajan has said of the BoundLotus® Healing: "you change a person's destiny and... infuse the power of the Universe into that person, the Universe has no power to stop it" Then he described how to perform a Boundlotus®  healing 11/29/2002.... 

Please see link for brochure below.

Brochure(s) Sat Nam Rasayan: General and Worldwide

Mahankirn  in Los Angeles
Kahita/HariNam harinamk@gmail.com Netherlands Mexico EU
Hari Singh hari@haritea.com Netherlands & EU

Anda Jiwan Kaur Mexico

Helena Ragubir K. MN

Manjit K Los Angeles

*BoundLotus® Treatment Sessions to remove patterning, support nervous system and Align your Destiny, typically once in a lifetime. (May be annually, depending on Nervous system) in person or via SKYPE.
brochure. (Includes an SNR® remote after 40 days) * GENERAL MBL® TREATMENT INFO


Boundlotus® -Destiny Alignment*

1100.00 USD Mah Boundlotus Destiny Alignment® Description: You don’t want to miss experiencing this magnificent, transformational opportunity! Mah Boundlotus and the technology of the Destiny Alignment was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan Mahankirn and Guru Dev Singh, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan®. The dynamic process of these treatments creates a profound, positive shift in alignment with the client’s destiny. SatSantokh is one of a few healers worldwide. (In person or via SKYPE)

SAT NAM RASAYAN® Appt (REMOTE or in PERSON) 30minute session

$350.00 USD

Sat Nam Rasayan® Description: Ease stress, anxiety and emotional unrest, assist in coping with chronic illness, cultivate physical and emotional wellbeing, facilitate the release of blocks on levels known and unknown.

Miami or DC area SNR Intensive: